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Life requires interpretation

April 4, 2016

Many times our circumstances confuse us. At times, God seems distant or indifferent. We pray and heaven seems silent. We need to make a decision and we are left alone.

The problem is that we can’t discern God’s love or care from life’s circumstances alone. Whether we realize it or not, we interpret every situation through the condition of our heart, and that’s the problem.

When our heart is cold, sinful, and loveless, God can seem cruel or absent. Conversely, when I’m drawing upon the Spirit for my strength, I can see God’s loving hand even in the most difficult of times. This is why two people going through two similar situations can have two completely different beliefs about God’s goodness. A person who is sustaining themselves with the truth of scripture interprets God’s silence as a loving test that will develop their faith (See Romans 5:1-5). While another person who feels abandoned responds with anger after God hasn’t healed their sick or moved their mountain.

Life requires interpretation. God never changes but our interpretation does! God is always present and forever good, regardless of how I’m currently “seeing” my circumstances. Look to the cross of Jesus and to the empty tomb and believe.


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